Quietly Productive : The Adventure of A Novice

I’ve been quiet for a long time here in my blog cause there are many things going on in the background. Things that don’t usually come, I have a job from a local communications company, it’s quite fulfilling but sometimes it’s annoying. Yes, the annoying part is that I don’t have that much of monetary grants so I keep looking for more. More fun and yet rewarding at the same time. I have gigs of my own but it’s nothing much it’s still premature but going to bloom any time soon. So I found tutorials on how creating bucks online and so my wife has a blog about it. To cut the long story short, I found my niche and created a review site. Quite impressive aye! but it’s not that easy but going there.

I am steady on some few clicks and visitors in around a 50 and still growing. Then I review on some websites that I found about creating money online. As a novice some people tend to fail because they took creating money online is just a set-up, blog and boom money, it’s not that simple. We read a lot of blogs about it but we tend to be impatient cause we see this blogger on the state where he earns a lot already and then the poor novice stopped and fail.

It is a process, a long process that will take a lot of time. If you put 1% of your effort it will come 1% in return. Each and every blogger should be mindset that every big opportunities has its path that there is no shortcut and should be embraced with passion. Without passion you will not enjoy the journey and will be tired.

I am no expert so I rather recommend 5 blogs to kick off your blogging success.

1. Problogger

2. Income Diary

3.Β  Zen Habits

4. CopyBlogger

5. Fuel Your Creativity

Here are some blogs that I recommend for reading and resource. It’s just a bunch but it’s network is huge and very reliable, if they can do it so can us!

Godspeed! Happy Blogging


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