Resolution 3: Shut Up Still, Work And Love

I am feeling the shut up thing is beginning to create a habit on me. This May only I feel that being quiet and focus is beginning to have an impact. I have felt an increase in work production and while doing some leisure. Now my resolution will be increase in work production and more love to my family, meaning to have more time together and loving them more than ever.

In Work, I need to increase and speed up my tasks. Focus is the key to achieve this goal. In my industry which is Web Development  there are many temptations that are revolving this particular industry. It is in the middle of being lax and being productive and sometimes being lax is being productive.

In Love, most particularly my wife I want to focus more on my wife and daughter to have some time with them not doing anything or not worrying anything just focus on them. Generally we have no problem but sometimes there are words unsaid and just pile up on my closet. We need to fix before it became a problem. Disappointments are some of them due to my clumsiness and being forgetful so I should work on those departments from now on.

Life is exciting already to spice it up more with monkey businesses I am glad I am not doing that ever since. I will work on this and move on to another challenge.


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