The BarterReview Stats : Slowly But Surely

I have been maintaining my post in, my review site, but just recently technical problems occur. My motherboard crashed and haven’t seen my site for quite a while, administratively. I can’t blog on my office due to rules, so I just have to wait till my motherboard had its replacement. Well I am not here to blog my frustrations on my board, well the slow movement of visitors in my review site is my concern here.

Currently it has 71 views, don’t ask how many days, well the movement of traffic in my site is quite slow due to campaign. I don’t have a campaign and a consistent posting on my blog, well this will be the start of something new.

I am hitting a target of 20 blog commenting in a week. I am targeting just 20 to study more in the movement of my visitors. Starting with movie blogs I love to read reviews on my favorite movies, well I hope I entertain them on my witty reviews on barterreview.

I will then have a consistent postings on movies and album reviews, but first I will do a majority of movie review since I really love movies.

I will target this next week due to projects that will be more important so I will ready my pens so that I can write reviews offline.

My featured actor is Chris Evans, really good actor I owe some post so I have it double header. I hope I succeed on this case study, while I learn some SEO for my self.


Happy Blogging


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