Filipino Reign Supreme : Dragon Boat Racing Champions

Many sports events has passed but this event is the most I am proud of next to Manny Pacquiao. Well soccer or football whatever you call it is very popular in the recent news but this Philippine Dragon Boat team is the real “core” Filipino team, from head to foot.

The Philippine Dragon Boat finishes first with a blazing rate of 4:57.13 to claim the gold. The Australian arrives next and then the Hungarians. This event is something new to team, they joined other events on their previous engagements but the number of paddlers is smaller in this biennial event in Tampa, Florida. Not to mention the “very supportive” government of the Philippine Sports Commission that almost blew their hopes in defending their title.

They are admired by their opponents as well, as per Trinidad and Tobago’s statements

“Phenomenal team. We kept trying to be like them, we aspire to be like them,” said one member of the Trinidad and Tobago team. “They are our heroes.”

The 12-man boat squad is hammered by the drums of Annabelle Pario (drummer) and steered their way to the finish line by Ruperto Sabijon (steer).

They US Team is also amazed on their fitness.

“I don’t think they’re physically any different,” said Robert McNamara of the United States Dragon Boat team. “They just commit to a high level of training, a high level of fitness.”

“They’re able to sustain a stroke rate that we don’t even attempt in the US,” McNamara added.

The Philippine Dragon Team has a heart to win for their country’s pride! Even they lack of support on their own government still there are “REAL” Filipinos that helped them to achieve the victory.

Asia Brewery assistant vice president Mike Ngo helped in pooling the funds that allowed to send the dragon boat squad to send a skeleton crew to the Worlds. Due to the lack of finances thanks to the “SPORTS COMMITTEE”, PAL assisted them to make it to the venue.

The fruit of their hardwork and training has finally came, the  5 GOLD and 2 SILVERS is trully

Congratulations! So good to be a Filipino.

A real Filipino that is and not those pretty boys with High socks










One thought on “Filipino Reign Supreme : Dragon Boat Racing Champions

  1. They are always a champion to all Filipinos. The hard work, unity and passion that they endure during the game is the key of their success of their winning. Kudos to them. Continue to bring success to Philippines.

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