Well I am busy doing personal projects but then disturbance always test my mortal body, temptations always win. I have found a new love, from last couple of weeks Filipinos proved that the they can conquer the ring, the hoops and the waters, but the unsung PINOYS of comics has been silent all through the years. Yes, comics has found me again, again? Well since my childhood days I’ve been a fan of MARVEL. I have published numerous comics but for my personal readings only, so I personally publish it to myself. I have been rewrite numerous SPIDER MAN episodes versus ELECTRO, comics I made is not existent now (whew! just thought of plagiarism and copyright).


The Uncanny X-men #331

Now I am damn busy of reading the “INVINCIBLE IRON MAN SERIES” I am still on the edge of finishing all up. Comics has been a lot to me since childhood and many years I left comics here it is, knocking to me again. Childhood and Comics has numerous attempts to meet but failed due to the capability of actually buying one. Nanay just too good for me so she buys me one, The Uncanny X-men #331, it is in the onslaught series and yeah I bought it for 150 pesos, and that’s about it comics has left ever since. Then came SPAWN in 2000, and I drew them in large pieces of paper but of course none if them are existent to support me. I love to draw spawns due to its detail and shadowing, very very minimalist.

Well then now, I have them again in large numbers now, since I have access in the internet now and in the world of sharing I can get them for free but then I share it again to all of my friends. To get a taste of what is on my reading list here is a link for the series starter of “THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN”





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