God Of Thunder : Mjolnir, Rainbow Bridge and Silver Screen

Thunder God : Thor
Thor : Thunder God

Well, I saw a screen version Thor, (yes I am a pirate) and I am not really satisfied of course with the quality but it’s the story I need to watch. I didn’t saw it in the theaters obviously and I regret that part of this whole post. It didn’t appreciate the beauty of the rainbow bridge so I am reading it.

I have a little information about Thor in Marvel really, there is nothing much on my knowledge of Thor that I am just amazed I found him on a stick and call the thunder of the skies like Storm.

Thor : Invincible Iron Man

Luckily I got these Thor series, though it’s an advance one, but will read all the prologues before this series, I am hooked with the guy already.

Thor is really a Norse God, it is not directly associated with thunder, but Thor is associated with so a lot of symbols. Associations including oak trees, fertility, destruction and many more. Thor in most direct meaning from Common German meaning “Thunder” so it makes sense when they use the “God of Thunder”.  It’s appearance according to experts, he is red beard and  a hammer wielding God with a chariot pulled by two goats. Thor has many different appearances in different culture around the world, but most likely Marvel get the comic image of Thor through the viking, due to its long hair and metallic costume common on most vikings.

On Marvel he is an arrogant warrior of Asgard that for his action Odin, his father, need to exile him to earth. Then Loki comes into the picture, and wanted Thor to be finished to claim the throne as the King of Asgard. Well as the S.H.E.I.L.D takes custody of his Mjolnir, Thor takes on “The Destroyer” in order to protect the people of earth he sacrifice himself, then he gain the power of Mjolnir.

The series is pretty long I am just started since I stopped reading the Iron Man series. I have the copies of the freaking beautiful series.

Happy Reading!


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