Stark : Alive and Resilient

Well after a brain dead incident in the process of deleting the files that was needed by Osbourne, Stark start to build his new empire, using his repulsor tech, to erase the use of fossil fuels in the industry. Stark is broke and Thor offered him the riches of Asgard but our hero refuse the offer, he is more satisfied building his empire by his own bare hands. Stark Resilient will be the name of its new company.

The products of Stark Resilient will be the everyday appliance of a normal person. From a simple light bulb to high end, race car that will be faster as a Ferrari. Stark Resilient is really starting from ground up and with the help of old friends they come up with a nice presentation on a circuit, but things just get a lot of worse.

Iron Man : Stark Resilient
Iron Man : Stark Resilient

In terms with his armor he build a  nanoparticle fibre of iron and platinum. The armor is stored in his bones powered by his repulsor. It is lighter and can knock out a howitzer if needed. It’s like in liquid form crawling out of Tony’s body and reacts on the requirement of Tony Stark. It responds on danger and responds on heavy circumstances.

Iron Man now faces the wingman of Ezekiel Stane on his first try to eliminate Tony Stark, Sasha the girlfriend of Zeke Stane. Luckily he got some backup from Pepper and War Machine.



Just comment a few here and they will get a whole Stark Resilient series. For everyone else here are a bundle of joys 3 epsiodes of Stark Resilient. If you can’t take it anymore you can always say nice things below.

Happy Reading!


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