Tony Stark From Weapons To Cars, Comics and Movies

I saw IRON MAN again for the nth time from the time it was showed in the cinemas, and the first installment of the film is much more intriguing than the 2nd. Maybe it is the charm of Col. Rhodes? or maybe the history on how Tony Stark, weapon industrialist, became the superhero we know Iron Man.


On the movie he was introduced as Tony Stark the owner of Stark Industries, Weapons Manufacturer and the “Greatest Mass Murderer” as said by one of the terrorists in the Afghan mountains. Stark Industries was the manufacturer of the weapons used by the U.S. military and their own enemy. It was not Tony Stark’s idea on selling weapons on the enemy but Obadaiah Stane is. Tony is held responsible since he was the owner and his name is on every missile, every bomb, interface and guns provided so he decided to change the direction of the whole company, to protect the country with Iron Man.

Then in the Stark Resilient, he does not want any of the things that blow up or burst from beams. He just want everything in the daily lives of the people they will use the Repulsor Technology. Everything will be power up by that thing in his heart and they started in cars.

Tony Stark

You see the different phase of Stark Industries but for the man there are also changes from all what happened on him and to his love ones and to the Avengers, Tony changed dramatically from being offensive, defensive to steady. He just want to separate a life of being a businessman to being a director of the S.H.I.E.L.D. and a member of the Avengers.


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