Comics And Trends : Where It All Go Wrong?

I have been posting A lot of Iron Man sneak peak around and can’t get enough of it. Recently I have been looking into Silver Surfer, Avengers Disassembled and to the likes of theFantastic Four vs. Doctor Doom thing. The Comics which really I loved for a long time has came back.

Comics has a lot to do in the internet world. Since the internet is free and a lot of people is expressing their love and interest anywhere in the web, editorial comics and entertainment comics is going hand in hand with culture to cultivate our culture. But what happens when trends of technology gave its way to pop culture? How will the comics industry come about with coping the trends?

Iphone of Apple

the I- culture, Ipod, Ipad, Iphone are “THE TECH” of today, they made the touch screen phones look cheap and they made “CLICKING” ancient (of course they look  like clicking but its called “TAP” now).

From Wired.COM saw this comic strip argument on how steve jobs ruined comics. The argument is simple comics should focus on the dialogue and not explaining more on the things they held or they view. For further attention on the issue here is the link.


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