Galactus Herald : Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer
The Silver Surfer

Got hooked by a new series, The Silver Surfer. I started to read the origin of Silver Surfer and quite satisfied with the story so far. A lot of cheesy lines though, but it’s better than a polyphonic telegram lines (you know what I mean zeet… zeet… Who is your ruler?). The dialogue is quite poetic which is quite suitable for his romantic attitude, he is quite sweet.

Who? And Where?

The Silver Surfer is first known as Norinn Radd, a Zenn-La citizen that wants to have change in his life, he wants to be a man of distinction. Why? Zenn-La is very dependent on science, computers more specifically. They actually listens and do whatever the computer had told them, and ask computer always for what is right to do, they do not have sense of authority over science, they are controlled by science. That is what Norinn Radd is driven to bring back the old days, the days where their ancestors is not like that. Zenn-La ancestors are travelers and always curious about the things around them.

The Day of Defeat

Galactus came to consume the planet, obviously Zenn-La asked the computers what to do? Then they come up with a decision that is like a double edge sword, using THE WEAPON SUPREME. Well, it does not turned out the way they wanted Galactus lived and their planet is close to destruction even Galactus is not yet started eating their planet.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Saw the movie Fantastic Four : The Rise Of The Silver Surfer? Well The Silver Surfer is a herald of Galactus, since he eats planets for energy, he needs to travel in different galaxies to find the perfect planet for his appetite. To do his consuming in a very quick manner, he hire heralds that will travel across galaxies search for suitable planet for Galactus to consume. As Norinn Radd he exchange his service as herald in exchange for sparing his planet.

What A Lonely Guy

He travels around the galaxies but he is empty inside. He misses what he left in Zenn-La, Shala-Bal his one and only love. The only thing he can do is to obey…. I just read the first comic many more to go. Like in the movie Fantastic Four : Rise Of The Silver Surfer, he disobey Galactus for the last time he will search for planet.

I will keep you guys posted for is next for The Silver Surfer.


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