Venturing New Niche

I am looking into the subject of SEO, well its really latin to me so I will conquer my fears over these and give it a try. I haven’t doing much of campaigning while I am busy getting the content done. The niche is health, since a lot of disease are common, even the mythical diseases before are now have vaccines and it seems the diseases are not seasonal anymore, it became a “sudden” disease.

Why Health?

I am no doctor start with, but sometime in my life I got interest in herbal medicines since they are more effective than the drugs I knew, nutrition is far more important than to know all the generic brands of drugs, which eventually will give you more headaches than cure.

So Why the Health Niche?

Actually health niche has a medium competition rate, also the herbal products niche, they all fall in medium competition rate. Then I target from the broad category to a much more narrow result, holistic. It has low competition then the idea is to heighten up the niche.

The results are still in the process, I haven’t tried to campaign it more but it seems exciting to venture. So I will post here some comparison to share you my ideas in SEO.


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