The Sunshine After A Great Storm

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The recent events really test us as a family and as children of God. Though its really challenging, we worked as family and through prayers our problems eventually resolved by our continuous effort and by the help from our father from above, without Him our problem will be never be this light.

It started when the father of my wife died of pneumonia and the family was devastated with the loss and everyone gathered in the house mourning. Everybody take his part to arrange everything including our family since we are living in the same house with my in-laws, we take our part to help. We are arranging the papers for the burial and other government documents for my in-law, and also day 1 of my sickness but still I just go on and call it a day. I already have a fever the next day, and heavy cough and colds and I really feel helpless and useless, every time I saw my wife I know she is just making me feel better. So I try to be better and help around the house, so I take my medicines the doctor told me and get a lot of fluids and in one day I got better, then my daughter become sick. This is the moment I almost breakdown I don’t know what to do, we rushed her in the nearest hospital for medication. Then the last 4 days is the most challenging wherein she was diagnosed of pneumonia, luckily my daughter has a strong will to get well, she was brought to the hospital friday and monday we went out, the unpleasant to what happened she is not cured and we still need to brought her the next day to her pediatrician where she get the medicines that make her better. She is cured now but still need to take some anti-histamine medicines for the running nose. We are glad she is ok according to her last check-up, thanks to her pediatrician, and we will never go back to that hospital again.

There are a lot of praying nights and loads of faith to be strong during and after the storm. We just got home from a long day of enjoying the rejuvenated health of my daughter. Thank you mommy for being there and having faith with our family. Thank you Lord for everything else.


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