The Friends, Music and Some Beer

From the last post, it was really stressful but rewarding, our healths become better and slowly recovering from the fall. Then you will see your friends always there for you ready cheer you up and give you advice. It was a very beautiful sight when I saw the troop combining to have a good chat of what happened to everyone, offspring surprises and just want to have non-sense chat!


Well the evening started as usual one spirit is missing, we had a couple of chat and I am really happy seeing the guys again. The common topic of all love life and the love life of others, even the love life of KC Concepcion is in the topic. Then when we learned our comrade is still on his way from his previous appointment we decided to go on for a walk. Luckily its the same day when San Miguel Beer is on Ever Gotesco Ortigas for the OCTOBERFEST celebration, the longest celebration of Octoberfest and Franco is on stage. We continue our chatting over some Beer Cans, well its quite well and had some serious moment.

Then the effect of alcohol kicks and I need to see Franco already. I thought that I can go home by 10 but I have to wait for Franco to finish the night and call it a day. The night is slowly touching the end of November and when there’s some conflict beside our table, I don’t know if I left an autographed picture of me so they get into war with my remembrance but luckily its no, just a simple misunderstanding. The mess is cleaned up then the host call the attention that Franco is next after several bands that would take like forever.

They first sang the “Next train out ” which is one of my favorite I really love the groove of that song. Then I noticed Buwi is not there as I reacall he had a commitment abroad with his original band. Continuing the groove of Franco they sang a couple more like “Memorykill”, “A Mass for The End of Time “Touch the Sky” then the most noisy of all “Song For The Suspect” which is also one of my favorite and then to conclude the night “Castaway”.  Seemingly they like as noisy as Soundgarden, but has the groove and substance like Bush. Their lyrics are really poetic that talks about mother earth, love, friends with the noise like that and a value like that no one will hate Franco.

And Bonifacio Day will be a noisy day to remember….. Rock on!


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