The Football, Gayness and Presidential Intrigue

The Football

David Beckham

The recently concluded match between L.A. Galaxy versus The Super Alienated Philippine Azkals (I still don’t know why they bear the Philippines) is really a good match. Well we all know that the guys from L.A. will not even break a sweat with the gang of Mr. Younghusband (which until now, I still don’t know why he claims he is a Filipino, ridiculous) the Azkals really put up a good fight with them. They are just tired and has not given a goal attempt, the ball is easily taken away from them.Younghusband has really good moves around when he scored that point, his feet says “I’m Pro” but its just one time, no big deal. They really do have  that potential but still not Filipino for me…

The Gayness

Definitely a lot really raised their eye-brows when the girlfriend is crying on tv. Well a lot speculations raised on the issue and all is coming from, what really caused of the break-up? There are a lot of break-ups has gone public by celebrities, some came from a good marriage, then broke up due to 3rd party, psychological capacity, bankruptcy and even STDs but these still gives a lot of question. What will be the last reason of the girl if he already everything even the kid?

The Presidential Intrigue

I really love this one….. I thought the sister was behind the podium!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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