Simbang Gabi : The Start


Simbang gabi is the start of the novena for the preparation of Christmas. So why we do this? Other do this for the thrill of waking up early, then giving up in the end. Others for their wish to come true, old people say wishes do come true on the ninth day. Others are for some serious girl hunting, then on 9 months another registrant will come over +1 to our population.

We can track simbang gabi or misa de gallo way back to 1660. The early friars conduct a vigil mass for the preparation of the birth of Jesus Christ, for nine days. They also decided to conduct the masses very early morning when the roosters wake up. Which is also where the Misa De Gallo came from, Gallo means rooster. Mostly the occupation of  people on barrios are fisherman or farmer, so they decided to conduct the masses early morning.

Now the tradition became fashion ramps and love nest. Simbang Gabi became “simbang tabi”, teens court girls during the mass, and after a month, a new born will be expected. Sadly the concept of preparation has a new meaning, preparation for fatherhood. Though there are people that really go to mass for the word of the Lord but we can not ignore the other side of  the story.

The essence of Simbang Gabi is preparing yourself for the Lord, to live a renewed life, for the coming year.

Hope this is the start and will continue thru out the next year remembering what the Lord thought us when He was born.

Be Humble! Merry Christmas!


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