Malay : The Renewed Sound

I usually feature a lot of artist here usually its foreign, a little review of what is awesome on them and stuff. As I recall this is the first filipino artist that I post here, well I should review a lot of my post. I didn’t reviewed Franco here, the post is about what happened that Octoberfest (on November).

Malay is not an old band, at least as for their members is concerned or for the vocalist. Pochoy is back and with a vengeance. The vocalist turned lawyer, is back to do what he wanted to do, to voice out the passion through music. Besides to the continued blossoming of his career as a host of a prestigious network, Pochoy has a new sound.

A lot of bands die on the top of their fame, they have a lot to please, the management, fans and the producer, sacrificing what they really want to do, just create good music. This is the first motivation of a lot of bands at first but it die on the top where everyone is expecting great from them for their good name. Passion should not die on the expectations of others, and this is what I see in this band. Full of nationalism in every stanza, a wake up call to others, a good criticism to some.

The sound is like a melodic- Francis M. with a lot of speed but with sense. A new sound and a new ground to hike up, these guys just want some good music. In this tough time an eye-opening sound should be heard by the coming generation since a lot of them are like K-Pop. A filipino sound is a MALAY sound



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