The Christmas Carol : Tumbles and Turns

Christmas carol
Christmas Carol

Well Christmas Carol is everywhere, everyday from Dec 16, which is the start of Simbang Gabi, is also the start of serenading the household with Christmas carols. How do you treat your carolers?  Well this is no big issue, but its a tradition, and as time goes by tradition become just a fashion. How does the carolers prepare their songs or instruments?

The Household

It is the host, it is the one that will be serenaded with Christmas songs, sometimes the household is not treating the carolers with respect and courtesy. Especially with little children, the household should be a model that this is where Jesus Christ is born.

What is Christmas Carol?

it is a set of songs which is christmas in theme, usually sung during Christmas season. We can track the history of Christmas carol way back in fourth century Rome. Then the tradition is adopted by France and Germany and on thirteenth century, is when the start of our modern Christmas Carol is born.

The Carolers

This is usually the fun part, but now little by little tradition is slowly collapsing in the society. Way back when I was young, I usually prepare for this moment. After All Saints Day, me and my friends are preparing for the Christmas carol, even the route we plan it to where we will going first.

The Tambourine

The tambourine is only made by bottle crowns we flatten it and weave into a wire. The collecting of bottle crowns is the fun part, we search and scour the whole sidewalk and beg from a variety store, the assembly is a piece of cake.

The Drums

The drums are can of milk with a plastic cover, fastened by rubber bands, simple as that. This is tricky when we collect different sizes of cans and bind with the others.

If a brother of a friend is free, then the caroling will be special, we will have a guitar then.

The Today’s Carolers

Today they only clap their hands and sung terribly. Well we sung terrible way back, but at least we have effort to create our own instruments. Carolers today usually come in solo or in 10s, they really annoying now, or I just became grumpy.

Today is very different from our generation, they took this caroling a little bit fun time. Well we are doing it for fun back then, but we give at least our best effort to do it right cause we target a bigger bill if we sang great.


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