The Christmas, The New Year and The Traffic


Christmas was a blast, a very tiring sweat-all-over-your-face like tiring day. Though the prequels of that day, didn’t start so well but I know we had it when woke up on the day of 24. This is for the preparation of the mini Christmas party for her friends.The idea is to give thanks to the friends of Rexelle and to teach our daughter how to share.

The Christmas

The magic started 12am, I am currently sleeping, snoring and “saliva-cating ” on the pillow sheets (that’s not so magical at all). When I smell the burned fat the pork chop, they grilling outside, I was suddenly awake. Thought on how to chew that crispy burned fat of the pork (more saliva comes out). Then I prepared the table and I saw my wife, she was grilling the pork chop? Then I feel guilty to myself, she do the laundry that day, my conscience is piercing with guilt.

Then we say grace, and devour what is on the table. Me, Rose and Rexelle eating (a lot, especially me), then it came to me this is Christmas, after all the trials, after all the words that was said and everyday headache for some of the family members, when you eat on the same table again, that’s magic, that’s Christmas and in us there is God.

Then to my surprise I have a gift from my wife. My heart melt, I always hammer her head with all my mischief and then I have a gift from her, and it’s a pair of slippers with the face of Hal Jordan printed on it (where is my lantern).

Christmas day came….

The Traffic

We went to the cemetery to pay visit to my in-law, God Bless his soul.


Then the start of something bad, all transportation are packed with passengers (what do we expect?). After a couple of minute, we got a cab, we stop to a mall nearby then ride a jeep to hell. We got a collision with the traffic, quarter to 2pm, then we got out of it almost 3pm, the distance : 400 meters at least?

Then every kid is very happy of their presents, then we went to church, pray for the blessing we received and will be receiving. Praying for everybody to be healthy especially to our little angel, Rexelle.

That day end well…

The New Year

No resolution could top the idea of changing for the better. It’s holistic, not focused, not specific, very very uncertain but optimistic. Being optimistic is better than being such a goal taker, believing what is still there is one step to sanity, it keeps us motivated that there is something good after this, something that will blow our minds out. A formatted resolution has no gravity, but to have a holistic target for the future is something experimental, thus excitement for all of us, keeps the iron hot.


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