The New Year: The Bond for the Family

Rexelle and The Mug
Rexelle and The Mug

Every year we always look forward to what in store for us next year, for health, for career and for the whole family. People are positive that New Year will open a lot of opportunities for them. Tough times it may seem but still when New Year comes we are celebrating it with optimistic vibe.

Opportunities don’t come in beautiful boxes with ribbons, or on a colorful card, opportunities are searched with persistence and patience. Having a good business or landing a job will not pop out your doorstep and in seconds you’re successful, it’s hard work!

Later this year we already have opportunities to have a better year, we will just maintain it and cultivate it. In this coming year we are all hopes on the bond of the family, to be much closer together; it’s a challenge since we are both working now. This year also is a challenge of our finance, since we will start the schooling of our daughter; it will be a tough responsibility that she will be going out to the world making a dream of her own.

Making a family is tough, maintaining it is much higher responsibility. Our hopes is to have a much closer bond with each other since our career and paths will be more broader than before. My daughter will be stepping to his first school and new traits and attitude will be developed. Good or bad you we can’t choose to what to hear or see, she will ask a lot of questions and as a parent we are must prepared. I will be busy at work for new innovations in the system and mommy will be focused more on work to achieve the regularization we all want.

Adjustment occurs in every year but the challenge is will you take the responsibility to do the change you want? Or you will maintain your status now?


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