2011 Done, 2012 on Progress: What Future Telling Excite Us

Why do people love to know what does the future tells us? It motivates us, it challenges science, it reveals the unknown, and it chooses your destination. There is a saying “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”, so why it interest us to peek on the future? Is there really a thrill on looking into the future? Or is it just bragging rights to see how beautiful our future will be?

These zodiacs they call came from our Chinese neighbors. Together with them when they came here are their traditions, merchandise and their knowledge in stars and numbers. They have this calendar that composed of creatures and animals that has own characteristic which embodies also the characteristic of the elements, earth, wind, water and fire. These animals and creatures are all arranged in a cycle every year. Each year will be a different animal, different element therefore it will be a different fortune for all of us. If last year was your best year, maybe this year will be your all time low, if you are love less last year, maybe this year will be your wedding. Every year is a different ball game for all of us, which keeps the balance, that’s the thrill of it.

Balance or not, every year we glimpse on what is in store for us in this year. Maybe for the purpose of prevention of a great catastrophe, a preparation for a big decision or readiness of something big that is coming up (larger wallet, maybe?). For whatever reason people tap on the unknown for personal concerns we are fond of knowing, we are hungry for knowledge, for answers to our biggest questions in life. We are looking for answers that will satisfy our present status, maybe a new love, a new business or a unique way to travel. Good news or bad news we just love to know it, we just need answers.

Where we search for our answers, here are some avenues to look into if you really need to connect the dots of your life.

Astrology – It is in the connection with constellations and alignment of heavenly bodies. They based their readings in the position of stars and planets.

Zodiac – This is one of the common ways on how we track our future, zodiacs are available everyday on your local newspaper.

Chinese Calendar – This calendar is the one that composed of creatures and animals. This is yearly read by people that want to have their future this whole year.

Numerology – They based on their reading through your birth date and age.

Hand Reading – They based your future on how are the curves on your hands connects on your present status and future.

It’s true that life is full of surprises, so we always should be ready. When we look into the future we should do something about it, good or bad, we should be prepared to receive it. A strong faith and your will to get all your dreams is still the best fortune-teller of all. No one can get your dreams for you, but yourself. Happy New Year!


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