The Year 2011: Looking Back

New Year

It was a really horrific year, for most of us in the world. A lot of it really stayed on newspaper way too long. Though horrific, it brings out the best in us, the care and sympathy to our less fortunate brothers in the world. While they really have serious problems around the globe, we as a family felt how the axis of earth really turned against its inhabitants. Is this really what we paid to the world? Or it’s a natural cycle of the universe?

As a family we really have tough time this year, but still here we are smiling at them waving goodbyes to the bad past and just shake them off in our scrapbook called life and come up with more meaningful content. From the fall we really found our way back on track through the help of our Father above us.

The Shift

We transferred to my mother’s house to have a taste of what is life with them. Then came with an opportunity, we are again transferred back to where we are right now. You can really just appreciate the things around you when you lost it. Things get pretty tough on my mother’s house; adjustment is really as loud as a rock concert and as painful as how painkillers kill the pain.

At first we are afraid since the commodities are a bit costly; they are like gold-plated-vegetables-but-still-you-get-a-copper type of commodities. Added to that is the value added fare from my work, its farther so I should take at least an hour before I get to the office against the 15-25 minutes  travelling time when I was in my in-laws.

The best thing is, we got our computer, we got a television set and still we eat good food!

The Hospital Stories

This is the most tiring of all stories that I can share in 2011. When my daughter got dengue and got pneumonia! She got dengue in my in-laws 5 days in the hospital and a loan from my employer. We have no choice but to get her checked by the doctors since she reached the minimum platelet count for a dengue patient, it’s the life of my daughter who was at stake.

Then came the pneumonia, she was not healed by the doctors of Antipolo Medical Center. She was admitted with cough and running nose, we got out with doctor’s prescription empty handed. This is really the rock bottom of it but we stay strong for our daughter. She was cured by her pedia, in a clinic, no dextrose, no nebulizer, no extra charge for the bed sheets and no long-tortoise-moving-cashier.

The Farewell

The biggest timeline of all, there are a lot of events happened in this section. Some of them are already stated in this blog post.

2011 is tough but we are pretty much sure we are wiser and stronger by the grace of Our Heavenly Father in Heaven nothing is impossible. We still believe that we are still the children of God that seeks out the name of The Father. As long as we love each other and we understand our weaknesses and strengths nothing can shake our faith to the Lord. Happy New Year!


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