The 4 Hour Work: Productivity or Procrastinate

As the information of the world becoming accessible in people today, people are up to date with the flow of the world. More and more people are not using newspaper and even newspaper companies are using websites for more coverage of the stories that matters. The world of a simple person now turns 48 hours instead of 24 hours only. Now we tend to overload of information and task to squeeze in 8 or 10 hours of work. When does a long working hours can be counterproductive on employees?

Industries that will be affected

Most companies that implement this kind of work culture are companies that need critical thinking and analyzation. Rest is needed in between work to refresh the mind and calm the senses due to stress. Long hours could be counterproductive in this line of work when performance deteriorates as the day ends, thus more mistakes and more work will be needed due to the never ending revision caused by tired body and mind.


Industries that deal with numbers could also be affected in long hours of work. Discrepancies on books could be a result on tired eyes and thinking. Balance is always the deal with these kinds of jobs and could affect the whole operation of the business when tiredness kick on the middle of an inventory check and the next day an asset could be misplaced or an item is uncounted.

Production is more affected in long hours of work, if they work long hours, poor decision can be made, but if they work in a short time deadline could be at stake and clients could back their orders out. Here is where management came in; a creative time management scheme could do the trick. Shifting could solve at least for the time being depending on the situation of the employees. Shifting could also save the overtime pays employers usually evade; this is understandable in startup companies that have no enough funds yet for these kinds of expenses. Shifting also help the employees in managing their time of rest so before their shift starts they are refreshed.

A similar kind of situation is showed in this blog entry

4 Hour Work

. I only suggest a 4 hours’ work to have a plenty of time to finish critical updates and modifications on the production cycle. Productivity or Procrastinate it all depends on the employee that will execute and adjust depending on the situation at present.

How many hours do you prefer?


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