First Week: It’s Not The Destination it’s The Journey

Apple and Books

The first week of the new year and I am really procrastinating on my goals. I am enjoying the moment of being a father to my daughter who will be incoming student. I saw her how she grew to be a very good daughter to us and as being a student to her mother. She is four years old and excited to be in class already. She proves herself to us that she is ready and amazingly she really is.

Schooling Preparation

Preparing for School
Preparing for School

Before Christmas she got her first lessons to her mother, they were writing her name and she really writes. Well sometimes my daughter becomes tired and want to play her teacher won’t let her until he finishes the last letter and then Royal Rumble begins. My daughter is a good student to her mother but sometimes the child in her kicks and wants to go out and play.

After this Christmas season we got some old workbooks from her grandmother and the books quite on good shape. Amazingly she accomplished 5 activities on Math workbook and that’s something. That is logic she can identify things that looks like a certain shape, she can color it with the color she was told, she can identify how many are in a group and even match the shape from the object. She showed exceptional potential skills being a 4 year old.

For whatever is the outcome is she really ready or not we are here as her parents to support whatever what he become because she is our daughter and we love her no matter what. To whatever he may take as her journeys comes to a turning point we are ready to help her climb up.


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