An Old Friend and Ally

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As advancement approach our lives we tend to left or forget something that is ancient to others or even non-existent to them. Career ladders are important especially in IT industry, new technologies, advanced techniques and new tools. We tend to trash that the industry says ancient, it’s been your asset for quite some time and now it will be your liability now. What the industry dictates we follow and so we found ourselves forcing to learn this new tech to hell with that corporate crap!

I am still good In Fireworks! I use Photoshop now, but still the ease of working with Fireworks really saves time and step up the pace of my whole day. The fast creation in fireworks it’s like years in Photoshop. It’s been 2 years going to 3 and still I still don’t have the edge to say that I am good in Photoshop. It is really a good tool in designing; it is a complete suite, which I love since I only open photoshop for everything graphical.

Like I said before and I will still say it again, it’s merely a tool and creativity is your real product, your inventory of imagination is your merchandise. I can’t deny that I still use Fireworks in some projects that needs vectoring, which is another story in learning Illustrator. The fact that this is the fastest way I can produce a layout, for rush projects I still use Fireworks and for anything that has something to do with graphics and large format printing, I will use Photoshop definitely. Fireworks is really only for a limited of 6000 x 6000 pixels so I it is useless in large format printing.

In time I can say that I will tame this Photoshop beast and have it as a pet, for the moment I will work on Fireworks more in creating beautiful web layouts. This will save me time for learning Photoshop and work on CSS and save myself of being fired for negligence.


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