What Time Is It? Now

Blogging Father

Blogging is such a stress releaser wherein you can shout your deepest thoughts compose it into one single post. Then came one day that you’re mind is stressed with work, family and the environment? You can’t think of something to blog and you face you’re laptop with empty head, asked yourself what is to blog today.

There is a website called Plinky which gives you a head start on what to blog when ideas are not so friendly…

Day 1 – On my sign up I was asked to enumerate top 3 things that I want to accomplish. So I answered 50 web page templates, 200 blog posts and our website. This is really long overdue for me since I’ve been in the business for quite a while and I haven’t satisfied myself of my life’s work! So I pledged it and the story behind it…….

The Story Behind

I am a very lazy blogger, and I joined in some blogging events in WordPress and it seems I can’t commit on something. This year will be different I want it to be real, I want to accomplish that “Hey I blogged 200 posts this year”. I just want to achieve something that I pledge to myself. If an activity become usual to your system it creates habit, then the habit becomes you!

I am also a very lazy web designer, but I love to design, it’s my job and I can’t see myself doing other things than making the web a better place. I want to create, 50 templates this year! Templates that matters, maybe I can create more, but I want 50 templates that matters.

This year will be our family’s year! So this year will be the launch of our website, it will be not so family oriented but has something to do with us, our hobbies and favorites. I want to create a website for all and dedicated to our family.

Every each of us has a goal in life and to go to the main goal, the long term goal; there are pre requisites, the journey behind the success. In the end it will be our success it’s just that how do you define it? How will you achieve it? I can’t think of any other way to motivate myself but to pledge it and tell it to the world. It’s my journey I can not rely on others to have my journey, to finish it for me. This year will be the start, whatever is it in store for the years to come at least I already started. When will you start yours?


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