The Movie Marathon: Alan, Tony and Johnny

This weekend is just those few days that were all chills, no stress and just quality time with family. This is also the time for engaging to a lot of food, watching the movie compilation over the year. Since 2009 we are compiling a lot of movies and really have this enjoyment of sharing thoughts in a particular movie. This week we need to laugh a bit and have some classics in our movie lists.

We watched Hangover II, it is not for the whole family, but it’s entertaining. Chow was great and really hilarious at his role. It is really a bit annoying in the role of Alan, he is just mischief but of course there is no hangover without the role of Alan. Overall the movie is fun, a bit predictable than to the first installment, Chow and the monkey is fun. I just don’t know why they include Mike Tyson in the movie with that kind of scene; it ruins the movie towards the end.

Then the classic Tony Stark, me and my daughter watched this movie for the nth time, both Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2. I think the selling point in this Iron Man Movie, is Tony he is the highlight and how natural he is. Though the second installment is more of enhancement of his core, the rest are all secondary.

Johnny Blaze the stuntman that really pushes his limit sold his soul to the devil for the health of his father that eventually died of an accident. Bumped with the son of the devil exchanges the contract and claim his curse and used it against the devil, the one who created him. Nicholas Cage is suited for the role as the Ghost Rider but I think they can improve the movement of the skeleton form. Have also a little bit of grudge feel to the bones, it’s like porcelain!

For the rest of the week I will be having some Ashton Kutcher films and Ryan Reynolds and some of our dwarf friends!


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