Fast and Simple: Kicks and Fireballs

Since childhood this is the game that I played for the longest time. Ever since I learned how to play video games this is the one that I will play over and over again. I am no expert on this game, in fact I am very poor in terms with strategy and elegance on how others play it, and I am a lousy player. Still I don’t care; I will still play it over and over again.

Since the Nintendo Family Computer era I already was playing this game. I even got blister caused by this game. It is Street Fighter, it has been for the longest time and evolved in a lot of genre, but still I am still a fan of this game.

The game is about strategy really, it is about on how you knock out the other player. A lot of additions on the game, a lot of new characters but still there is only one character that I always use, it’s GUILE.

Guile is a swift a character and very tricky. He can grab you from the air, fire you with boomerangs and just so simple to use.

Guile’s Background

He was an Air Force JTAC, which looks for Charlie who was reported missing. When Charlie was found, they tried to give Bison a big bang on his hideout.

Then they were caught by Bison installing explosives all over his hideout. Their time is running out, Charlie decided to sacrifice himself and let Guile run. The bomb exploded together with Charlie and Bison.

The sad background of our hero was twisted in some versions of the animated series and comics.

Street Fighter: As Addiction

This addiction is formed backed in 90’s where computer based games are still expensive, I checked in a lot in video houses. Well I can say my addiction is more of controlled than to be a liability to me. The fun in front of the game is still the best and thrilled with who is the next opponent will be.

Playing a lot of games today is really a natural occurrence than before when we still can’t afford a console. Playing games is my twin; I can’t take it off on me…. What would you play all your life?


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