National Bible Week 2012 – Day 1: Faith

Sometime in our life as family, we experience challenges and knocks from our Lord. Knock that sometimes we can’t see the end that we want a happy ending for all that is happening. As imperfect beings we tempt to look into our future and expect that God will help us to achieve without breaking a sweat. Every problem has a clue, in between the situation there is always a key that you will activate to solve it that it will be simpler. That is the bible, one way or the other, the bible helped on how I become today. Since it is the first day of the bible week, I want to give back on how it gives me keys on leading to the right direction.

There are many verses that boost your faith this is the simplest yet powerful verse that I bumped into.

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. (Psalm 32:7-8)


This simple verse not only talks about faith, but protection and care of our Lord Jesus Christ. It has a complete thought of courage and faith to the Lord. It claims the Lord that He will protect us no matter what. This claims the power of God and huge faith to Him, that no one can protect her from evil but God only.

Faith is not just identifying God and believes in him, we should claim His grace and blessings. He can only provide those blessing to us, there is no any provider but only the Lord. Faith is not just about relying unto Him but He must be the one that drives your Life, He should be the captain of your ship you should let Him in to your life. If He is the center of your life now, you can never go wrong. Whatever is unknown now in your life it will be clearer, you will a have greater picture of your life.


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