Web Design Heroes: Craig Erskine

Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Fireworks

I’ve been in the web design industry for almost 6 years including in the years in college that my designs are really crappy and when Fireworks is still in Macromedia. The years past, even I tried to let go of the mouse for Fireworks and go with the flow in Photoshop, still first love never dies. Though now I work on Photoshop on printed materials but still when the going gets tough Fireworks still accepts me with open arms. Even the road to web design is a bit bumpy and the standards of the world still points to Photoshop, I still have heroes of my own that creates a lot of amazing things with Fireworks, FW is not dead, she still breathes through her nostrils.
A lot of Photoshop fan boys were putting stake on Fireworks but there are Paladins ready to defend its queen. Fireworks Evangelist, Craig Erskine. I am using his CSS menu for years, flexible easy to customize and just plain-simple-in-your-face-no-brainer-css-menu (though it’s tough at first glance.). He is an author of a book about Fw, and still uses his amazing hands to create wonderful web designs through Fw. He designs a lot of his work in Fw and still he does not slip that grip and uses the tool until now.
The simplicity on his works is really brilliant and really maximize the power of Fw. The power of Fw is under really on the background, maybe all of its capabilities are quite similar to Photoshop but the lightness and simplicity of learning curve is really the selling point in Fw. The easy interface and tools really maximize the design flow, you will think of the design and not figuring out on how you can emulsify the aesthetic of a website design.
I really wish I could work with this guys, even if for a exhibition designing. Whether it is for a company or just a gala of web designs, which ever I am more than willing, Fireworks Hero – Craig Erskine.


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