Sit Down With Your Emotions: Smiling on a Very Bad Day

Good Mood

Sometimes we just burst and cannot contain that anger inside us. This is normal we are imperfect and have limits, but there are ways to contain that dragon waiting to be awakened.

Determining the Problem

You are in a situation where in stress and tiredness

meet and just there in a perfect moment you’re patience snapped out of you. It happens whether you are in a good mood whole day or even you have received good news it just snapped out of you.

It is tiring to endure this everyday especially when the circumstances are unavoidable. You have a mean officemate that has a special connection to you, but not romantically, insanely irritating.

Accept the Unpleasant Mood

Colored Lanterns
Good Mood

Acceptance is half the battle, in every situation this includes bad mood. Forcing to be happy is really a bad idea. You need to release it and try not to fight it just make the situation a little bit worse inside you. Releasing by means of doing something positive and not shouting to others or to the likes of that. Accepting it is really identifying and acting on it and not to be controlled by your emotion.

Release it By Telling Others

Telling others is for me the best way to prevent your whole day to be a disaster. Tell this to someone you can trust or friends that you have for a long time, this is to give yourself oxygen to the choking horrible mood.

Be Creative

Release the child in you, have yourself a break and feel what’s around you. This is to release the bad chakra inside you to a more productive and positive output.

Let it Pass

You have been this before, it will just pass by you. You just have to wait it out and hold on for that last one string!

Having a bad mood is very normal in us person, it’s just you can’t live with it every day or every moment of your life, it could kill you. Bad moods are just there to test our current situation, if we are far stronger than bad vibes around.


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