The Anatomy of A Noontime Show: It’s Showtime

Its Showtime
Anne Curtis host of It's Showtime

The end and the start of the new, yes the 12:00pm slot is such a big slot since it is reigned by the all time best noon time show Eat Bulaga. Now the unusual bunch of Kuya Kim Atienza, Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda has brought a new colour to the time slot in ABS-CBN.

The Anatomy

What does the audience look for?

The Entrance Song

The catchy song will get the interest to any new show. Audiences are so superficial, when they flop on the jingle it crawls to the whole show, or even in the whole season. Like in any entrance song of a wrestler, the audience judges the wrestlers strength and its projected popularity on how fierce is its entrance song.

New Set Up

The program format or the show itself will be the second thing the audience will predict if the program will stay or will be its last season. The format is important, the retention of each segment will be critical, if the audience will be confused on the segment, it will be highly forgotten. Retention of the fun parts are important, this excites the audience, dull audience, less ratings.

The Heart: Hosts

Kuya Kim: He is not a good jester in the show but he is the funniest of them all. He has this charm that really drives you nuts.

Jugs and Teddy: This two is the key ingredient, they are like the MSG of the cuisine.

Anne Curtis: The Jalapeno, everybody knows why. She is really brave in saying she can sing.

Vhong Navarro: The Balance.

Vice Ganda: The whole package.

What does the audience expect?

The audience expects is to be entertained in a hot afternoon. These guys break the ice and distribute it all over the Philippines.


It’s Showtime is a HIT! It is really the risk that they do the 3 hour program. There are a lot of gaps to fill in. I hope that they will have at least an after an eastern grand finals and western grand finals there will be a crossover, just to tighten up the used gaps for the fillers. All in all It’s Showtime has a potential to make it big, its new flavor and expect to have a better show in the future.


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