Love, Not In Feelings but In Your Will

This is the time of year where everything is themed with red. It is when concerts hall are filled with classic songs of love. It is when it’s nice to cuddle and chat on a cold morning or a gloomy afternoon. It is when people cry because of heartache. It’s Hearts Month! Love is in the air and all are chemically activated with feromone. All ready have a date for the special day? How do you find your partner in love?

The topic you are about to read is applicable for a much older audience, a much older than teens. Of course we cannot prevent the theory of puppy love and teens really tend to such relationship because of spark, compatibility tests (F-L-A-M-E-S Game) and feelings. Let us leave that to them and if you are teen comeback some other year and maybe you will be offended if you read this.

I heard a church man preach, and his topic is compassion. He has this statement wherein he says that compassion is not based on feelings, feelings can be easily go away from you; compassion is based on your will. I just thought if love is not based in feelings?

The preacher is right! Feelings can go away easily; it can last for a year, for a month or just in a week. So how was a relationship last for a lifetime? The question is not for Mr. Heart it is for the Ms. Feelings?

How can we say it’s for keeps?

No one can say if it’s for keeps or not, it is the will of both parties on how you can make it last for the rest of your lives. The will that believes on the love that is there on the first time you met. It is the will of the love that is there when you first started the relationship.

Having the right reasons and trusting to the power of Our Creator, there is no impossible for a lasting relationship.

What is the “WILL”?

The will involves a lot of things, involves a lot of characteristics and attitude.

Having the Right Reasons

Actually there is no right reason but there are many wrong reasons why we love someone and why we are staying with the relationship. Wrong reasons can come in many aspects of our lives, tradition, culture, peer pressure and business. The only right reason that you love your partner is that you love him/her for what he or she is, it’s all because of love, you love being with him / her. You believe that you can entrust your life to him or her! Life is very tough, let us not make things a bit complicated.


Understanding is one of the traits you need in a relationship. If you understand her mood swings and his vices then you are in the right track. It is not tolerance of the bad habits, of course you can say to your partner what other things that you do not understand about her, the question is are you willing to accept it?


It is important you be with your partner wherever he may be. You support your partner’s projects and dreams and you are willing to help him with the dream your partner want. Warning is part of support, your partner is the actor in your stage and you are supporting cast that sees what is going to happen, you are the only one can say to your partner when to stop and rest and think it over again.


It is always like the first time I met my wife. It is the love that puts the smile in everyday that your partner came home from a very stressful day. It is the love that satisfies your whole being that it is still worthwhile. Love that makes you say, “It is worth fighting for!”

Lasting relationships are still case to case basis and in different circumstances, but if you have enough will to fight for what you believe is right and for what you love it surely can last for a lifetime. With the relationships today are made overnight, maybe I am still conservative to say that think it over and think of it a lot harder before you do something stupid, before you experiment yourselves. It is tough and it is not really that easy as ABC.

This valentine’s day love what you have today and hold him or her forever, that you will never let it go.


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