The Book Review: Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan by Bob Ong

Bob Ong
Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan

We bought two books of Bob Ong the latest and one and this “Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan”. What new book have you read lately? Well I support Filipino authors, they are many unsung writers around, I know they have really that quality in writing but this Bob Ong really hits the weakness of the Filipinos, humor. The magic of the writings of Bob Ong has done it again here in this book. The book talks about Filipino culture, our earth and faith. It is basically horror on its format but it is not its purpose why you need to read it.

The cover of the book is really intriguing since it has text all over then at the back a kid peeking. It is really hair rising at first but then the first parts are hilarious and dramatic. It talks about the life of Galo an engineering student that lived in his aunt that hates him. Actually they are just annoying characters of the story.

The book talks about Filipino culture on how they deal with scary stuff, on how they respond on the advancement of the times. Who is the master of who? Are we the master of this world or we mere gardeners of the earth. People want to have control of everything; they need to know everything to control everything. People think that we should be the master of the earth, but nature says it should be other way around, we should conform with the environment. As we gaining control we kill the natural flow of the earth, therefore the slow death of it. Which is true isn’t it?

It talks about culture of the Filipino that we are dependent on the gadgets, we are dependent on the new stuff that makes our life more complicated. There are a lot to watch and a lot to know. Technology is there to help us and not to teach us to be lazy.

The book talks about on how the catholic organization collapsed. We join the religion not to be accepted because we believe that there is a superior being, governing us all. We are there for the faith and forgiveness of our sins because we believe that there is God. In short we have a religion not for the organization but for the faith and teaching that God taught us to do.

It is all good read, I enjoyed  the last few parts. Then the chilling end…..

Happy Reading!


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