From Dust, To Dust – The Ash Marks the Spot: Ash Wednesday

It is Ash Wednesday and I just got ashed in the forehead from a nearby church. It is really frustrating that I didn’t catch the homily and gospel on that day. It is just not complete when I go to church and I did not reflect on the gospel or homily.

Why do we celebrate Ash Wednesday?

It is the start of the “kwaresma”, Lenten season in english, it is the season when fasting and self sacrifices are made. Commemorating (if it is the right term to use) the death and being born again of Jesus Christ.

It is a 40 day observance of the Lenten season, we reflect on many things happening in our life. It is when we look at ourselves and what we have become.

I am not active on this season but I love to hear gospels from priests and have wisdom out of it. The thing here is to improve something on myself, to be a better person and learn what is still missing. We are not masters of our own life, and still we seek answers to some questions that it is hard to answer or maybe we know the answer but still because of our nature of being imperfect, we hesitate, we tend to seek a better answer or just want to confirm to other people the answer that we already have.

There is something going on right now in my life, maybe it is something good for the family or just preparation of a strong storm. I held my hands up and let the Lord be the guide on what is in store for me and for my family.

I pray for those answers.


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