Finally Got on My Knees

I rested for some time for a series of bone crushing and electrifying campaign of an old game Reign of Chaos. Well I have a chance before to finish it but a lot happened in the past that prevents me from reaching my goal. There is always a second chance.

I am halfway on my journey in Reign of Chaos (or maybe a quarter already) and a lot of things I realized in playing the game. Some are just light lesson and some are a little bit lighter. Many will say its just a game and games do not thought anything and just for entertainment, for me I tend to get something good about it and not just killing and obliterating the base of the enemy.

Revenge are for Kiddos

In our work, we meet a lot of people, they come and go but sometimes we feel out casted when someone came and they tend to crush up to the last life spirit you have because they want to be supreme. They think they knew everything, they think they are always right, and then you want to smite him with chain lightning or go cast a feral beast or just fed to the goblins. In the end of the day you feel bad and you feel unsatisfied.

Revenge is not an option you will just get older and older. Be free and just ignore them if they speak with you speak. Do not be angry because you didn’t get a limb out of her, be calm relax and focus on your task. You might end going to the end of the earth and get the Frostmourne, you will never success your father.


Friends are always there go get a drink. A person is happier when he goes out with friends every week. Happy makes you more inspired and have a good outlook in life.

Friends never fails but they are not always right, sometimes they tend be a Death Knight lurks in you nerves and make everybody unhappy. Friends help you along the way to reach the peak.

Stubbornness is Stupidity

Always listen to the commander in chief, whether it is your mother, your father, wife, older brother, older friend, listen to them, weigh things first before you act.

You might end up be in the side of scourge, hunger for revenge and hunger for death. Of course you will not die but maybe it is too late, when you realize and looking on what you have done, only chaos.

Listen on what they are trying to tell you.

Good Karma

Help, be an inspiration to others and be generous. Generosity won’t harm you, you will spend it anyway, you will consume it anyway. It is better to satisfy the heart than the stomach. Besides 80% already in the population are obese, share some.

Helping others never fails, at work help on the operation, do not slack, procrastination is a cancer that crawls all over and only change is the answer.


Good vibes never fails and it makes us lighter where ever we are. As we glow of good vibes we touch other people’s lives and they glow also as they shine to others.


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