The Obligatory First Post of The Month: Coldness

Talking over coffee

So ok this is the first post of the month, I am guilty as charged of procrastinating all month February. It is really a pretty busy that month. A lot of fixing has to be done, especially in my life and in my family. A lot of disputes that makes me  uninspired to blog something, because when I blog something I need to be happy for myself and satisfied to my being. It is in depth of my personal life, and it is horrible, but I am not saying that ignore bad things or divert everything to happy thoughts, it’s just that the information in a horrible part of your life is set to be erased but there should be learning. I am not ignoring, it’s just that bad, I am not trying to be perfect I just do not want to upset in reading my blog.

The first post of the month is very cold, it is about coldness. Does it solve anything? Cool off? Do we all need space? Or it just make the situation worse? Seriously, March supposed to be the start of summer and I will discuss coldness or the silent treatment, does this really solve something? On my first paragraph I discussed ignoring bad thoughts, horrible parts of my life, it’s natural. Bad thoughts or bad experiences sometimes destiny or faith gives that to us learn something. Also on the first paragraph I said I am not ignoring the fact that sometimes married life really as bad as hell but you need to get up and dust your shoulder off and keep moving forward. Then looking back where you have fall, it is just a wet mud and when you remember it you will just smile and saying to yourself  “I’m back”.

Bad situations are not ignored but it should be talked over to be resolved. There should be one or ideally it should be both parties to be agreeing in one direction. Show your cards, then show your partner his or her cards, then meet in the middle. It is easy? No, of course not, it is really a treacherous path,  its like holding or hugging a cactus a very horrible feeling. Being in love is not designed to be all happiness; there is a trench where you will hit really hard, rock bottom man!

What deep wounds will cause by not saying anything? You will just put the gap a little wider. You will just put a fence a little bit higher. You will tend to learn to endure everything when you don’t feel anything it will be over.

Talk is the answer. A deep and a calm talk, will solve at least the most of it depending on the situation. Talking is not banging with each other with very rough words, talking involves feelings how concern you are to your partner. How you missed her because of the gap created by not talking and how you all started? You will be back to the start believe me it is really liberating saying this again to your love one. How simple is your joy just being with each other, how you are still excited seeing your partner for long hours of work? How much you love your partner?

When was the last time you and your partner really talked?


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