3 Mountain Top Experiences


It’s Sunday and God’s gift is His word, well it is really special because we really reached the church on time. I mean we heard the whole homily and gospel that Sunday. Well we just coming back from a big bump last few weeks. That experiences makes us much closer as a family, as a couple and as followers of God. This Sunday the homily of the parish priest is that how hard is the road, how untamed the tracks are going to our goals just hold on and believe and you will reach that goal no matter what. In the summit of our goals, in the peak of our dreams you will say the adventure is worth it.

The priest also mentioned about 3 mountain top experiences on our lives, this are the highlights that even the road is bumpy, even sometimes the trail has a lot of obstacles along the way we still reached it and surpass it.

My 3 Mountain Top Experiences

  1. 1.       Falling In love – It is a really crazy chemistry class the whole love thing. It started with a “biko” (it is cooked rice with coconut milk) then the rest is history. The courtship is really the easiest part but to maintain it hidden at first, is the hardest. I marry my instructor in Computer related subjects. We both broke the rule of the school in getting involved romantically with the person that gives your score in class cards. We both conquered the rules and malicious eyes of the society. Crazy adults we are but we still together we proved that we are not just a sci-fi project.
  2. 2.       Marriage – We got married in a trial court; by a judge (I forgot what the name of the judge is). Though we are not yet married under the blessings of the church, the experience in preparing the necessary documents before we got that date is really a process, plus the fact that my wife is already pregnant and I am really nervous on what is the status of the baby in her womb. I say when we are in front of the judge the process is all worth it, of course you know what I said, “yes”.
  3. 3.       Giving Birth – I am not the one that gives birth but I am so nervous I don’t know what to do. The baby is in danger on that day, there is no water on her womb and the heartbeat of the child is really beating so hard, so we decided to undergo caesarian surgery. Every second is like weeks and minutes are like years already, but then I saw my baby girl, I just went rock solid! Then after a few seconds of being petrified, she cried and the tears melt the ice all over me, my daughter.

After that, I am thinking where is the mother of my child, why she still in the operating room? Back to nervous mode, what happened back there, then after an hour and a half, they went out of the room and my wife is furious and calling my name.

After few days in the ward, when she can walk we went to see our daughter and it’s all worth it!

That was it! My three Mountain top experiences, these experiences gives inspiration to move forward and making it work. All what we feel is only temporary, we only see is the future of good life we know God is on our side ready to carry us in times when our load is heavy, we believe in our relationship, this is a gift of God to us.


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