The Magic of Corporate Presentations: Powerpoint

Corporate presentations are mainly for having a bigger picture about a company or a product that is to be released. The right tool for the job is Powerpoint, it is the orange icon in the Microsoft office suite, the one with animation.

Having a powepoint presentation is to ease the convincing purposes for the client to fully understand what you are selling or what kind of organization are you? It is the “E” in exciting and the cherry in your ice cream.

Recently I was assigned to have a presentation in one day preparation. From programming I sent out my creative juices to have an elegant presentation about the future of the company, well that’s the least I can tell you. I am assigned to create an elegant and creative presentation.

So I am creating a youthful but of course goes with green, because I created the logo green. I thought this will be a simple task since my logo is already elegant and simple. Creating the presentation is really a draining task, but in the end of the day my employers are happy.


At start I am scouring for images around the net and my dependable flickr and corbis didn’t let me down. The images at first I was thinking of youthful since the whole set up of the presentation is very mature. We are looking to a lot of figures, numbers and diagrams so it will be a bit boring in the inside so I created some flowers, sunshine and a face of a kid but not so obvious. In the end I was asked to change it to highways and roads since we are distribution, so their wish is my command.


I am not confident with my first try so I created something really, really dead corporate presentation with a lot of squares in an abstract fashion. Gradients here and there but then we go back the first one, because of the “diamond appeal”.

It is very important for a company to present themselves to be in high quality. So if my work passes the quality of my bosses, then I represent them quite well. I am not staying with that standard of course the learning comes after and to strive a little bit harder the next time.


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