The Leaders of The Band

Naturally death is inevitable, it is a natural thing, but if we lose our heroes it is just sad. Two heroes of the music industry put a dot on their lyrics sheets and put the low “DO” on their notes.

Karl Roy

Karl Roy
Karl Roy of P.O.T.

Has been a successful front man of the bands Kapatid, Advent Call and P.O.T. For many decades these bands has been an inspiration to a lot of aspiring music artist. The brother to Kevin Roy, lead vocalist of Razorback, the bond has never been closer when they put benefit concerts for the operation of Karl. Then after the successful surgery to Karl the music has never been better. Better performances, action packed gigs, exciting grooves and bigger crowds, these are the things has kept Karl to be more passionate on their craft. Karl is like the Scott Weiland of the Philippines, sexy, groovy but tough.

Then came 1 a.m. of March 13, the lights die down, a curtain call, Karl died. I didn’t blog anything about Francis Magalona before because I can’t put the words together, the sadness just eats me a lot, but Karl I really have respect with this guy. There is no greater phoenix than this; he is really a fighter and a great artist. For Karl, the music will go on!

Bodjie Dasig

Bodjie Dasig
Bodjie Dasig

Bodjie not the Batibot guy, but the composer of “Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko”. The lead vocalist of Bodjie and The Law of Gravity, the husband of Odette Quesada a very powerful singer also, a true pillar of the Pinoy Music Industry. Bodjie didn’t died here, that’s another story, he died in the U.S. together with his family. He died of cancer and it is a really painful loss for the family and also for the music industry.

Times are getting darker, it’s time to another generation of true artists to stand out and shine upon to the seeds of a younger and better generation of music artist. It is inevitable but the legacy they left behind are immortal! We cried when U.S. artist died, who cries for these people?


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