New Format, New Blog

Well I haven’t blog on my health blog recently. Well I got lazy, that’s it I am a lazy blogger. Actually I will just prepare 40 articles first before I open my health blog again. So that if a day got so lazy, I am prepared.

I want it a lot of juicy recipes this time, share some videos of recipes over youtube. The new blog will be as juicy as this one, but has more targeted and specific questions to answer. This time I will target a more profitable audience, something to do with workout and wellness. People want to be well this days, even they are not rich, they want to be well. Wellness are more of holistic more organic than wellness of the pockets. I will be more conscious with the health of the elderly and more on relaxation, massages and tranquility of one’s being. The format today is more on the environment and organic ways of living, there will be more of that but will focus more on the organic and not so on the environment that will be a sub topic to it.

I will prepare the posts this week, my interests will be more of the whole wellness of a person and the psychological effects of it…. I will not change the name since I will be still organic.


Happy Blogging everyone!


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