I Can’t Even Finish A Single Post! : Life’s Amazing Features


This Warcraft III is preventing me terribly on my goals this year but I just need to put Illidan to justice. Today I finished 5 campaigns and a single post on my blog zit nothing. I opened my facebook page, my daughter just want to grab some puzzle pieces of some app in facebook so I let the poor girl alone, still I didn’t have my post.

Then I grab a MS Word then start writing something about a thousand years old game, Warcraft then “kapish!” Ctrl+A and Delete everything, then start again.

The good part in this technology is you can reset all and do it all over again, you can redo and undo something and it has autosave feature, life is not like that. Technology has consumed my beliefs and crawls into my brain expecting there will be a reset button to all of this.

Life’s Similarities to Technology

Actually there are no undo but only redo, you cannot put back something that is already done and said you can just fix it. Life is just a straight line, a one lane stream that the destination is still to be built in the end. You cannot also collect everything then delete, in rare cases called Amnesia could be a similar thing but it’s not a normal function of life. You can just save it all in one file and you can view it again and just continue the composition.

So what are the similarities of Life and Technology?

Autosave – Memories are you’re save points in your life where you can look back and learn something from it. You can not actually use the autosave to be your present but you can use the knowledge you got from the autosave to fix your present.

You have a tough time in the past, that you experience it again in your present try to learn from it and overcoming the problem.

Restart – You can’t delete what you have already done in life but you can always start a new one. You can pick something from your past and try to rekindle it again in your present.

Like someone that you hated the most in your past and try to make it better and have a closure on that miserable part of your past.

There are sometimes advantage of technology but make sure you are still the master of your life, and not some sim simi tells you what to do.


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