The Furry Annoying Force of Nature: The Lorax

The Lorax

The Lorax is a book by Dr. Seuss, an illustrator and author of great children’s books. It tackles social issues and environmental issues. It is about how a town was saved from being artificial to a more greener and organic place.

It started from a dream of a man that wants to fulfill his destiny, to be successful to be rich. So he search his self in a far away land where the trees bears a soft leaves that can be made to a beautiful and soft tneed.

After the first tree was cut there came Lorax, he speaks for the trees that has no mouth. He is the force of nature, the guardian of all living things around. The guy deal with the Lorax that he will never cut another tree again; he can only harvest the leaves but never to cut a tree. Then he wants to speed up the production of his tneeds so he broke his promise.

Day in, day out they chop every tree around the area and The Lorax is very sad. Then when he finally chops the last tree The Lorax say goodbye and leaves a message on a rock says “UNLESS”.

Since there were no trees, there is no fresh air around; Mr. O’Hare found an opportunity to sell bottled Air. On Tneedville a boy named Ted want to impress Audrey a neighbor that loves trees. Ted learned that outside the town there’s the Once-ler that has the last seed of a living tree. On that event Mr. O’Hare thinks if Ted will be successful in planting a tree, there will be fresh air and his business will be in great danger. So he watched the boy day in day out and finally Ted convinced the whole town to plant a tree to be able to breathe fresh air for free.

The film is very entertaining, the music is radio-ready and the animation is smooth. In all aspects of the film is good, it’s just I am too old for this film, luckily I have my kid with me to appreciate it a little bit. The Lorax is funny and has their social lesson which is the main message of the original The Lorax book.


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