Surprises Came in Small Packages

Android applications are such a boom, so I joined the bandwagon. Yes, I am in the beginning of something big in my career, at least for me. Right now, I am engaged with CSS3 and adaptive web design and now Android.
Before it was just a dream to be up to date, my former boss usually says it’s always N -1, well at least for the tech that we know it’s supposedly N-1. What kind of principle is that? The principle is to be updated regularly, it’s a jungle out there if you are not equipped you will be eaten alive.

Web is such a rich gold mine, to cultivate and I want to grab the opportunity to get and hold on what the industry I choose, in store for me.

Android Tech

The surprise is not the opportunity, I wished it really, I asked it badly not for me but for the future of my family. If I did not grab this now, when I’ll be starting to learn it? There is no better time than now. So I start to set up my machine to be Android ready and my assignment is to develop a static app for a satellite company. Well it’s not much of a challenge since it is static but the whole design and on how you will present it that’s the task. I know a lot of you are just thinking there is no amazing about it but for me as a novice it’s an opportunity to explore the controls and familiarize on the syntax. I hate java but I need to conquer my fears and I am doing it now.


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