3rd Worst City To Go To – Welcome Philippines Mabuhay

It was all over the news well, maybe I will be happy when they surveyed non-Pinoy for these kind of ranking. It’s either backed it up with facts or do not publish it anymore. The credibility just gone low down to 3 points, maybe being a CNN website is just about it.


At first I didn’t take personally it’s not my problem anymore, I pay proper taxes and even the air I breathe is not safe to inhale. Philippines is a very interesting country but it’s not perfect. Give some credit to those people that really work hard in taking care of the environment and they don’t get any of the credit. The beauty of the place is its natural resources don’t look into the city, you will see just savage alligators wearing brown, blue and yellow.

From the time I heard the news, I can’t access the page anymore. Well maybe they have a lot of complaints because of that list. Fellow Pinoys, control your emotions, for me it is a challenge to us to make it better. Don’t rely on MMDA who are complaining with the list, they are just a bunch of whiners. I think they are not in the position to complain, guys in MMDA it’s good criticism, do your work first before you complain, the taxpayers should really complain the MMDA for the frustrating job they have.

Philippines is still beautiful to me, if only the government can command his troops and manage his people to do their job the least that we can make on that list.


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