Humility: The Partner of Blessings

Toward the scorners he is scornful, but to the humble he gives favor.

Proverbs 3:34

Humility is a trait that is pleasant to God. It is a selfless act of love to others, not thinking your personal gain. Here we will discover how humility is a partner of much larger positive outcome in life.

How to have humility?

Do an Honest round up of your personality.

Being honest is a chunk or a pre-requisite of being humble, so start with you. Having an honest evaluation of your personality is one way of claiming your strengths and weaknesses. Claiming of who you are and what you are is one hardest step of being humble. It’s hard but it is a very good start.

Evaluate Limitations

For me limitations are just there to challenge you on how you creatively overcome that limits. It brings out the artist in you. But do understand that there are just other things that are not meant for you, or really not made for you.

Recognize your weaknesses

Even superman has a weakness, or Achilles even your top student in the class sure there are things that others can’t do and so are you. So welcome those weaknesses and be friend with them. Look at yourself first before you do to others, it is the healthiest way to improve you self.

Appreciate Your Talents

Be thankful of who you are, you are not an accident, there are no accidents, just purpose. Feel good about yourself but not to be proud. Self-esteem is not pride, pride is rooted by jealousy, and humility is rooted by courtesy. Sharing the talents you have to others and not just showing it off is humility.

So where does blessing came in?

What you plant is what you reap? If you are humble and courteous enough to other people good karma comes in. If you are selfish to the world, world will be selfish to you also, if you are good to the world, the world will be good to you also.



Humility attracts other people and you gain friends. Having quality friends is truly a gift. If you show negative aura around you, most probably having quality friends is pretty tough.

Being humble is tough now days where everybody is lusting with bad traits. It is really dark times but in these dark times, we should step up and shine above the others through good. We shine to others to illuminate the positive attitude towards life.


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