The Purpose and Some Other Things

The start of this year is pretty rough but still blessed, not really a start that you wanted but we are still on positive ground for the year that was said to be tough. Why this post is sounds like a New Year post?

On the calendar New Year started on January 1, this week was my birthday, it is the day where my mother started her headache with me, not much force was needed because I am the fourth child, but it still excruciating pain for my mother. This week is technically my new year! On my new age, I am getting older and older and my daughter is learning to speak fluently of our native tongue and time is quite fast when you are a parent. I would really love to start this year of mine a less stress year and a very productive one. I would really to see myself out of the shell, out of my box.

The transformation will not be that easy as it thinks. It will be rather tough also and painful in any other way. I should do baby steps but rapid, slowly but thinking critical. I should have a mindset of a dying person. Now I understand why we should all think that we will die tomorrow, than thinking there is always tomorrow.

Why do I need this?

You can’t always entrust your destiny or your success in luck. You should seek the gold mine underlying that luck; you still need to find where in the part of your life, you will be successful. Luck is not just hitting the right buttons; it’s still to find the right machine to hit your buttons. If you play in the wrong machine wherein there are buttons that are not working, you are handicapped there thus you need to find the right machine that has functional buttons to work with. What I am saying is, find what’s best for you and being good with it, in the end having the success that you wanted.

What is “Success” anyway?

It’s like beauty; it is a state of mind. If you ask success in a hundred person you will get a 100 kinds of definition of success. It is when you remember it, you smiled, or maybe not…. (bi-polarism… no). Success for me is where your purpose really falls. It is the bi product of luck that you find, injecting some passion and some work. It is the assigned purpose of God long before you live and it is not always monetary.

I always discuss success, life and work here in my blog. It is really creepy that I said about success, that some people look at me just plain, 8 to 5 guy with kids that is really becoming a company’s next liability more than an asset, that’s what they think. My God thinks better and to what purpose I become in this world, or maybe if I failed Him, I already have a family that makes me complete every day of my life.


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