The Avengers Review: Comics Come To Life

Last night was a blast when we finally viewed the much awaited movie of the year, Marvel’s The Avengers. The family is excited to view this since I influenced them even my daughter about Iron Man, Thor and Hulk. My wife is really excited about this movie since she is also a fan of Tony Stark. And so the movie began.


On S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, they have the custody of the cosmic cube, or they call it Tesseract. Tesseract is a term used in geometry 8-cell regular octachoron that looks like on the movie. Tesseract is the cube in Captain America: The First Avenger, that HYDRA used in world domination. So they got the cube together with Cap, iced. Then they called Doctor Erik Selvig, to study it and use its power to create arsenals, but they were wrong. In the event that the cube is beginning to be unstable, or maybe self sustaining on that stage, the cube possess a power that can open gateways to other dimensions, which will be the entrance of our villain Loki. The cube is lost from S.H.I.E.L.D. thus the hunt begins for the cube and for the capture of Loki. Then Loki opens the gate for the Chitauri the alien life form that he summoned led by Thanos which will be on the ending credits of the film (bigtime spoiler).

It is the most-anticipated movie, after the Iron Man post credits, where Nick Fury visited Tony and invited to join the Avengers initiative. The challenge in this movie is the story and seeing these big boys mash up but equally presented in the movie. Joss Whedon not just presented them as Avengers but presented them equally valuable in defending the earth. Some of the comic critics and movie enthusiast may be seen some flaws in the movie but that are all secondary. Thinking that Joss directing The Avengers is not a tough job since he has basis of the story but the richness on how they defeated everything is dramatically showed in the movie and disappointment just washed away.


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