When You’re Old: It Pays To Have Time

Family Sunday

I remember when I am still young and still don’t know what is really being adult, a day is just from 9 to 10pm but still I feel that it’s too fast when you are playing but it’s too long to play whatever you wanted to play. Now, as I look back the 24 hours is just too short for an adult to do whatever you want to accomplish, everything is so urgent yet on the end of the day you feel empty and felt that you didn’t accomplish anything.

When you are young you can’t consume the 24 hours just playing, you need to wash your body, to eat and to have some time to be alone. The time is your best friend when you are young, it’s true that time flies when you are having fun. All you have to do is eat and play, eat and play, all weekend. You have a time on Fridays and early morning on Saturday, rest on lunch time but by the time struck at 4pm you will be ready then to play again, then the rest is 9pm already but still you have your energy to do it on Sunday afternoon, after church and a day with parents, you will still play in amusement parks and arcade houses, a kid will just play!

Jumping on the adolescent, you already have a kid of your own, you need to squeeze everything in 24 hours, subtract the 3 hours of sleep and 1 hour ride to the office, it’s really a pain. Then you’re boss require you to extend and go on Sunday. Time is really worth more than the gold in the largest bank in the world.

Time now is your enemy, before you were allies now, time just eat your whole life or maybe not. It’s the work load that you put to yourself and the never ending race to the corporate ladder.

So Where the best spend your time? To family only? The answer to that is still a case to case basis, depending on the work and the position of the person you asked that question. For me there is no precious time than to my family, I am no Managerial position but still I will trade everything I have for my family, I love the kid so adorable and so energetic. She inspires me every time and her mother the most beautiful girl in the world!  Our activity mostly on the arcade house, movies and videoke booths. Our family really love to sing and watch movies and laugh at theaters. Of course eating is a default since our body densities is a bit high than the norms, we are not overweight looking but we are big. We love to talk what happened this week, financials and plans. Plans for the family is the favorite subject since we love to dream we are slowly walking to that goal.

Sunday is our time together so I rather drop my job on Sundays if there’s any and be with them. Just no one can break the family bonding on Sundays it’s the only day you can patch the missing hours that you don’t have them so make use of it. When your old it really pays to have time for everything, so where do you spend most of your time?


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