Labor Day: Laborers How Are You Now?

When you meet a friend on the street, usually the friend will ask how you are now, Are you ok? Or how’s your family? We check on the person if he/she has a problem. It shows concern and care to the person. For the government, do they ask the common laborers that make up the very foundation of the country, the laborers that made the commercial building around the block, or made the foundation of the city hall. How are they now? Is it really the fault of the government why these people are poor? Or do they have responsibilities also?


Saw the news today, many people rallied on the streets shouting, chanting for the issues of:

  1. Wage Hike
  2. Regularization
  3. Cost of Living

These people walk on the streets in red shirts, with streamers, protest band, apogee and many more.

Main Issue: Wage Hike

This is the main issue that they want to have a clear action. Right now the minimum wage is P375 in Philippine peso. They want it to be increased at least the minimum is P125 and the President can offer P8 pesos.

President’s side: The president can only offer such amount because he also need to balance it out not to result in mass layoffs the businesses will risk if the minimum wage is that high.

Protestors side: The president is pro-capitalist.

The news also featured a woman that has 6 children and she blames it to the president that he can’t support the needs of the 6 children.

Question: Why you give birth to 6 children if you can support only a few?

I am not pro-capitalist, but what is the relationship of minimum wage and giving birth to 6 children? From the start you will know if you will earn minimum wage or not, you will know it even from the start. Also from the start that having a very big family is not an option on your current situation, you know it. Why put the blame on the president? Why put the blame on the government? The government is responsible in the commerce of the country. The government is responsible in everything within his area including you and the people you know as capitalist. I don’t understand economics but it’s obvious if you increase the minimum wage now, and the company has a constant production where do they get the fund for the increase of the wage?

The balance within the company will be aligned to the employee which is good but they need to let go some of the employees to sustain the increase, thus more people will be unhappy and there will be a series of people jumping over a bridge.

What cause this?

It boils down to the education, many are more engage in sex than education. Filipinos are very superficial today, if they see in their teen age that they have what it takes to be a prostitute they grab it. Sometimes the parents encourage them more.

Laborers I know you are tired but be on the reasonable side. Be on the side where you are winners, where are all the protestors now? Waiting for their next rally, rallies that have no meaning, rallies that have no power. Does the rally do anything to alleviate their lives? They just spend time and P12 pesos bottle of water.


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