That Precious Moment: Summer Family Outing


It’s summer and the streets are scorching and everyone is hitting the beaches and resorts to cool down and to bond. My mission is to have quality time with my girls, to have precious moments with my wife and daughter and to cool myself and wash the stress on my system.

It started 6 a.m. of May 6, 2012, when my wife started to prepare everything that we will need on the trip. Me I am sleeping with my daughter, still snoring. Then I woke up and help my wife to prepare but my daughter still doesn’t know where we will be going. It will be a surprise!

Then we hit the road, 8 a.m. and everyone is excited my daughter still doesn’t know, she will get the idea later. We reached the resort around 9 a.m.  And as expected a lot of people want to be cooled down. We got the gate pass and pay for the entrance fee, then the cottage has still people in it. Not to spoil the moment we have a good agreement that the cottage is already given to us and they just need to reserve another.

The moment is indescribable; the pictures will tell the story.


Summer Activity with Family
Family Activity
Pool Shot


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